What a Man Needs after Work

Run Time 13:59

Hunny Bunz truly understands what a man needs when he comes home from a hard days’ work. And she knows that he definitely does NOT want to hear a bunch of bullshit about what her and her girlfriends were talking about all day (such a good woman in that way). She has the recipe for a long-lasting relationship. True POV action at its best here!

When her man walks through the door, she’s ready and waiting for him with his favorite vice: a drink, his favorite smoke, or maybe his favorite scenery. She greets him with a smile, and hot little piece of lingerie, just like she’s supposed to do. This time she also has a treat for Daddy – she put her hair in 2 long ponytails, which she knows makes it easier for him to pound her big booty from the back!

It’s all her Daddy can do but comment on it, grab it, smack it, grope it. All while dominating her. You would think that he would be considerate of the fact that she did all that for him, but all he does is tell her what to do and smack her around….and she loves it. He even demands that she enjoys what he is doing, while he starts to stick his BBC inside her dripping snatch. The hottest part is hearing her moan and whine at all that good pounding she was getting.

Finally, he understands that with all the work that Hunny Bunz put in to ensure his daily routine goes seamlessly, that it was time for him to fuck the hell out of her, which he knew is what she really wanted. So, in perfect POV fashion, he power-fucks her hard, deep, fast, over and over, while she screams for more. If what you like seeing is a horny, neglected White wife getting the brakes beat off her pussy, then this is your video, baby!

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