1 Blowjob from 3 Sexy BBWs

Run Time: 17:17

Hey guys…Ever had 3 voluptuous, sexy women suck your cock, lick your balls, tongue your asshole, and nibble on your nipples at the same time??? Well, you’re in luck.

Take a walk in the shoes of one lucky bastard: it starts out with him on the couch, laid back in a velvet robe, looking like a Black Hugh Hefner with a Mardi Gras mask. Then you see it. Hunny Bunz, then Queen Pin, then 3 sexy whooties giving him head, as My Babysitter joins in. Wtf?! Some guys have all the luck.

If you like your nipples played with, these are your girls. They not only do it on command, they do it because they love it. Nipping, biting (hard, soft), blowing on them, caressing them, pinching them…if nipple play is your bag, this is your video.

We all know how much Queen Pin loves to suck and tongue Black ass, deep and hard. And of course, Hunny Bunz and My Babysitter are also there to lend some assistance to the cause. I can’t make this stuff up, brother.

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