Teen Phists and Squirts Not Her Moms Friend

Run Time: 12:07

My 19 year old Babysitter came by to play around after her parents went to bed. Queen Pin and I had a buddy over visiting. He was more than happy to lend a hand after My Babysitter got started. Queen Pin talks a lot of smack, but believe me – she can back it aaaaaaaaall up.

This particular night, she was talking all this smack about how she could take a fist like a real bitch. So I put my $ where her mouth was, and put My Babysitter to work. I knew she was up for a freaky time anyway, like always. She played with Queens clit, her pussy lips, and pussy hole. Fingering, spreading with fingers, and both hands.

She also produced a lot of moaning out of Queen Pin when she began fingering her asshole. One finger, 2 fingers, both holes at the same time. Both were having the time of their lives, as My Babysitter was also being fingered while she worked over Queen Pin. I cant make this stuff up, people. Good stuff right here!

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