T-Girl Brenda Open Asshole

Run Time: 5:21

Brenda has 10 piercings on her cock, balls, and taint. She has a tattoo on her right ass cheek that says “Little Bitch”. She needs another above her asshole that says “Wide Open for Business!” Queen Pin helps out Brenda in this video clip. Brenda is basically a tool, a doll. A sub, for Queen Pin to do what she does best – boss bitches around.

Queen Pin is an anal freak, and it doesn’t take her long before she’s spreading Brenda’s healthy tanned ass cheeks, massaging and caressing them. And then you see it – spreading that hungry white asshole, ultimately for any willing cock, I’m sure.

If “Ass Worship” and “Anal Play” is your thing, this T-Girl Video is for you!

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