SSBBW Makes 3 Bulls Cum 6 Times: Pt. 2

Run Time: 21:24

In Part 2 of this installment, SEXYLOVINs pussy is taken to the woodshed. Once she takes the first cock, her kitty kat is never left unfilled for more than a minute or two in this 22 minute video.

This is because its being filled with thick, hard BBCs, over and over, one after the other. That would be a hot video, but its even hotter because this thick vixen takes 2 loads in her mouth, swallowing one, one on her back, and 3 inside her swollen sloppy pussy. Life is good for her right now. She was happy being a cum-dumpster, and we were happy to oblige.

She was more than at home being man-handled by all 3 Bulls at all times: “move this way”, “turn that way”, “suck his balls”, “spread your ass”, “take that cum”, etc. She loved it!

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