SSBBW Ass Worship and Cowgirl Ride

Run Time: 12:17

Ok…so this chick has got to have one of the biggest, meatiest, sexiest asses on the internet…and you’re looking at her right now. How lucky are you right now smh.

In this vid, Sexy gets that huge ass of hers bounced all over the bed. First off, you already know that I had to regulate on that phat azz by spreading it like butter on toast. The best part is there is a lot to spread…because spreading is loving heehee.

Also, spreading means its time to eat some ass and pussy from the backside, like I was a starving fugitive that hadn’t eaten for days. I make sure to get it all up in the camera for you, too!

After hearing her moan over and over, knowing that what she really wanted was some hard cock, I couldn’t take it any more and told her to climb aboard. She’s a submissive little fuck toy who likes to do whatever she’s told. Like a good slut is supposed to.

You should know that SexyLovin only makes videos because I ask her to. She doesn’t do it for the money or for the fame. She just likes to get fucked by some good hard cock. And I offer this gift to you, my brother. Enjoy…

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