POV Fuck Big Booty Teen Dogg Style

Run Time: 4:02

Ever seen a hot young thing walk by and you just thought to yourself, “Daaaaaaaamn….if I could just hit that just oooone time!….” Well, sooner or later….every dogg has his day. But what does a dogg do when he that perfect moment comes….and he doesn’t have a condom???

Dude, I was at this hotel one time, and this family was having some reunion or some shit, and they were having a BBQ in the back of hotel. They were being loud and fucking up my high. Went outside to get some fresh air and there was this young thing, looking scared that someone saw her smoking. I pretended to work at the hotel, and told her that I had to report anyone under the age of 18 that I saw smoking. She became ghost white in the face and looked paranoid. Inside my head, I was like “Hell yea!”

She wasn’t scared because she wasn’t 18 – she was scared because her family didn’t know that she smoked cigarettes. She was acting cool because she didn’t want me to tell. When I told her that I would get fired if I didn’t, she offered to work something out – but she said it had to be right then! She offered head but I wanted to bend her over – but didn’t have a condom. Low and behold, I fucked her anyway. Sometimes life gives us these little treasures. When it does, fuck them raw.

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