Fisting Party for 2 Huge Assed Mature BBWs

Run Time: 29:37

This is one of the most requested videos that I have ever produced: 2 thick, sexy, mature, White uninhibited women, getting worked over, by me, and by each other. Its everything that I’ve been being asked for.

If you think its extra hardcore to watch an older MILF or GILF get her freak on, its even hotter watching her take a whole fist, and loving it! Well….what if you had 2 of women exactly like that. Not actresses, not porn mega stars….women next door. This is what they do behind closed doors – fuck each other.

The video starts off with both of them and their big, healthy, asses bent over the bed, face-down-ass-up style. After having their asses massaged, groped, and smacked, it was time to take those fricken clothes off! And then do the same thing again. Except this time, I made sure to put on my latex gloves.

With both of their asses bent over and in camera range, I commenced to get to work. I used (in this order) 1, then 2, then 3, then 4 fingers on both of these sexy cougars at the same time. Once I could comfortably fit 4 fingers in both of their hungry holes, I knew it was time to stop playing games with them.

I slowly fisted one, then the other….but that wasn’t good enough for me. It was important to me that one of the women fist the other, to truly experience what its like to both a sub slave whore, as well as a master. Queen Pin is known for her raunchy talk that will get you off by itself; she uses this dirty, nasty talk to tell Hunny Bunz how to fist her gaping snatch. Must see, trust me!

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