Phist and Fuck My 19 Year Old Babysitter

Run Time 35:08

My Babysitters poor teen pussy is taken to the woodshed on this one. Its big, bigger, and biggest with (1) her mouth and throat being tested, then (2) her juicy young pussy filled with her bulls huge BBC, and finally with his huge hand pounding out her hungry snatch! This young lady needs to be in the record books or something. She deepthroats like a pro, has a huge delicious big white booty, fat marshmallow tits, and a pussy that wont quit.

Get your cock and clit out before you even start watching this one. Just sayin…. The first thing you see is My Babysitter getting familiar with her new 11-inch friend. She shows her new friend exceptional care with her mouth and the back of her tonsils. He can only take so much of this before he needs to star plowing into her (after that big blue pill I gave him haha). The first thing she does after getting his as hard as a Rottweiler, is sit right on top of that long black pole! Then she gets it on her back, holding her ankles and calves back by her head. She gets it on back and on her knees hard, deep, and loud. I even make him stop long enough so he can fst her, for good measure.

Ladies and Doggs, if you have a thick PAWG in front of you that simply cant get enough, fill her pussy up to the max! Use this video as a guide.

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