My StepMom Fucked My Brother AND My Boyfriend

Run Time 25:29

Your favorite big butt, double-wide hips granny, Amber Connors, is at it again. Her stepdaughter, big tits Sasha Sweets, is having her boyfriend over for family dinner. Unfortunately, although she promises Sasha that she will behave herself (this time), she drank a whole bottle of alcohol and wasn’t in control of her sexual frustrations.

When her boyfriend arrives, stepmom Amber is quick to make some moves on him, which eventually leads her to sucking his massive BBC under the table. After a few minutes of watching, the jealous stepson tells his mom that she promised to never suck anyone else’s cock except his! Hearing that, Amber tells him to come get his cock sucked as well. Before you know it, all three of them are getting it on, while you see and hear Sasha in the background doing dishes.

PREPARE YOURSELF: The acting is BAD! Its actually sort of legendary epic, kind of bad; hey, I call it like it is. But you didn’t come here for the Oscar award winning acting – you came for the hot action! And I can tell you that once the action starts, its heated and non-stop!

You have the fat pussy Amber being made to squirt not once but twice. I challenge you to decide if its squirt….or pee……? Either way, its hella hot! Plus she gets a lot of pussy-to-mouth, and a nice fat cum-sickle to suck on, after all the work that was put into that nut!

Amber Connor fans: Here is your squirting, spitroast, bareback, double cock sucking, cum eating granny. Here for your amusement. She tells me that she loves her fan-mail and it gets her off reading about how they jerk off and cum to her videos. In this video, Amber is a complete slut. Enjoy.

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