My Babysitter Goes Down on not Her Aunt

Run Time 9:43

My Babysitter finally comes back from college to say hello. It took about 5 minutes, unprovoked, for her to start describing some of the sexual exploits she had her first semester. Needless to say, another 5 minutes goes by and she is rubbing all over Hunny Bunz huge tits, asking if she can “see” them. We could see that she was already tipsy at 11 in the morning, still with her college party clothes from the night before.

It was a little early for us, so I was a little more laid back than usual. I asked her if wanted some breakfast, but nothing I said would take her eyes or conversation off of how big and fat Hunny Bunz tits were. I knew she was super ‘relaxed’, because she had seen her tits many a times before… I knew I had to take advantage of this situation!

I pretended to not be interested in what they were doing. When My Babysitter puts her mind on something, she wont let it go until she does what she sets out to do. So I knew if I acted like I could not care less one way or the other about her admiring Hunny’s tits, she would do whatever it took to take those feelings of hers to the next level.

They turned on the camera, got comfortable, and got busy. Pure amateur old-young lesbian action! My Babysitter gives a POV tutorial of how to eat pussy, as they both take turns with the video camera. Enjoy, my friends.

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