Members Wife Cums Hard from Deep BBC

Run Time 24:44

Member’s wife comes over to make her second porn with me (or anyone), but she didn’t bring her husband like we’d planned. It was kind of suspicious in the beginning; I don’t like ‘surprises, and I especially don’t like “HUSBAND surprises! She said they fell out about her doing another video, and I explained to her that I don’t work that way, if the husband doesn’t know what’s going on.

(I used to be a Manager at MickyDees and some old man came up there one time trying to fight me because I was trying to fuck his Great-Grandma wife of his. Where’s the love and humanity these days when it comes to sharing wives smh?)

She immediately jumped in the shower, telling me he knows and she does what she wants to do, yada yada yada. I was thinking to myself, “Shut the fuck up and get out that shower so I can fuck the life out of you!” With her husband not present, I didn’t have any rules that couldn’t be broken (heehee).

Starts off with she and I both fingering her lovely beautiful bald snatch with them big pussy lips omg! Next she gave me some bomb ass head. This chick gives blowjobs that feel waaaay better than they look on camera! This bitch is a pro! After all that foreplay shit, she rode me cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, and i fucked her doggy, both from the side so you can see me fucking the hell out of her, and also from the back, so you can see her face while I was plowing her out and fingering her hot swollen clit. Brother, if you thought that “Double Creampie Cuckold Wife” was hot, I’d challenge you to compare these two side by side!

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