Mature Mexican Escort for the Mob

Run Time: 26:04

Mature Mexican cougar, Lexis Steel, is a professional escort under contract with BadGirlMafia. She surprises a street mobster by showing up in his hotel room, unannounced – which probably wasn’t the smartest thing to do. She’s very cool and collected when he shows up, puffing on her vape pen. But the tables quickly turn when he shows up and doesn’t believe that she is who she says she is. Normally, escorts don’t just “show up- in their clients hotel rooms – before they do.

When her client walks in his room to find her there, he is very annoyed. He finds her relaxing on his bed, smoking her vape pen. She tells him who she is but he is very suspicious. After slamming her up against the wall, he demands answers. On top of that, she is 2 hours early for his original escort appointment. All this simply does not add up for him.

He decides to make use of his short time before his next pick-up of “protection money- from one of the vendors in the area. He takes advantage of her, giving orders and making her do exactly as he wishes. You can tell that he is not concerned with her enjoying what is going on. He takes control of her and never gives it back. He know that the Syndicate that he works for pays good money for all of the escorts for the fellas – and they can do whatever they want to do the girls.

He gets a sexy, sloppy blowjob, makes her do the 69 with him, fucks her face while she lays on the bed, then fucks her doggy style from the back, so you can see her getting fucked silly – then from the front so you can see her face getting all flustered, while she talks in her native Spanish tongue! Luckily for Lexis, this particular client does not have as much time as he would have is she had showed up 2 hours later – which brings him back to his original question: Who is this woman and how did she get in his hotel room??? One thing is for sure, she’s a hot, mature Latina with huge DD tits and a sexiness that wont quit!

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