Kidnap Chubby Anal Teen

Run Time: 32:05

18 year old Myra is looking for my neighbor across the hall, but knocked on my door on accident. I lure her into waiting inside my apartment for him to get home. I tell her he’s on his way…..but I have never even spoken to him….or even seen him. Unfortunately for Myra, I’ve already decided what I’m going to do with her.

One thing I noticed when I opened the door – this is a healthy young thing! Chubby and thick just like I like ’em. She let me talking her into drinking truth serum, then she starts telling me how much she likes big black cocks; it was like a perverted interview of some kind.

I began shedding her clothing, little by little. I then begin my work: playing with her tiny tits and huge nipples. Kissing, sucking, and rubbing on her pretty pink little clitty. Bending her over the couch with her pants around her knees, spreading her ass, tonguing her hole. Fucking her. Playing with her asshole, lubing it up, fingering it. She wont make this mistake again any time soon.

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