Huge Dildos Tag Team Workout

Run Time: 17:31

This movie picks up where “Ass Worship with Huge Dildo Squattings” left off. This one starts off with her riding the 2 huge dildos, one after the other, but I felt like having a workout. Its one thing for a woman to be able to take a big dildo….even 2 big dildos. But it takes a special kind of woman that will sit there, squat, and let you go at it with her deprived cuckold cunt.

Believe it or not, Hunny has a rich husband who rarely fucks her; so he pays me to ensure that she is serviced correctly, and thoroughly. Hunny Bunz has been coming to me for years. I own that cuckold pussy. I’m her Master. Watch how she takes my thrusts and insertions continuously, and relentlessly. And she knows she had better now pull away.

In this flick, I give it to her even harder, while she’s standing up (fuck yea!). I give it to her slow, then fast, using both dildos. Keep in mind, the white dildo is a thick 8.5 inches….and the black one is 10 inches, with wide girth…and Hunny Bunz takes em back to back to fuckin back. I even positioned myself upside down (while she was standing up) in order to get the best dildo workout! And while all this is going on, her big juicy pale white shiny oiled-up ass is right there for you wack off to. I give this video 2 cocks up and 1 long nipple.

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