How to Apply a Temporary Tattoo with Baby Quinn

Run Time 9:09

45-year-old MILF mom, Baby Quinn, lets me use her backside as practice for putting on temp tattoos.

One thing you will immediately notice about Baby is that she is finer than a motherfucker! Met her at the grocery store. Gotta love grocery stores.

While working with the temporary tattoo, I knew I had to try and get a blowjob. She was going to have to flat out tell me no, because I was definitely asking her! And what do you know, she was totally cool about it.

She took my cock out of my pants and stuck it straight in her pale white mouth. She knows how to work that tongue omg! It was just a tease, but long enough to let me know that I can get a lot more than that when the time was right. Enjoy.

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