How 2 Fuck a Huge Assed White Girl

Run Time: 18:16

Following in not her sister’s footsteps, Shelby Stroker shares with us her wide hips and huge ass. She is properly pounded like a thick white PAWG is supposed to be. But if it was only that simple….

Nooo…first we must play with booty. Massage and caress the fluffy, pale white booty. We must first worship the booty. Do this with me. Be there when I open her legs to reveal that her pale snatch, with pink lips, is already soaking wet with her oozing cum when I barely open it up. It sexy as hell to see, especially with her brunette pubic hairs all up in her crevices and ass crack. Ass crack heaven right there, brother.

not Shelby’s younger sister, Tiffany Stroker, has an excellent phat, pale wide, white ass – but Shelby’s ass is bigger, wider, and phatter! Whether you like both, or you like one thicker than the other, you cannot deny that Shelby has an ass to die for. If you thought Scarlett Biggins had as ass out of this world….wait til you get a load of this sub-nympho!

In this video, Shelby gets her ass worshipped, smacked, groped, spread, and squeezed for dear life as she gets pounded hard in the doggystyle position. Just to make sure there is no doubting that I handled the ass the way it was supposed to be handled, I turn her wide hips and huge ass directly towards the camera. First, giving you an ass-spreading show – the mounting her and pounding her like banshee!

For all you collectors out there – this is the very first video for Shelby Stroker!

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