Her Holes Need Fed

Run Time 15:19

Hunny Bunz knows what shes doing. She likes to parade in front of me wearing short skirts, while I’m in the studio editing videos. She likes to ask me what outfits look good, etc.

This one time, I wasn’t having it: I made her get on the bed and be an obedient little house slave. I have her give me head while I rub her fat round booty, face down, ass up style. She has the type of body that makes you want to get the pussy in at least 3-4 different positions so you don’t feel like you missed out on any opportunities to properly appreciate the plump ass, cantaloupe tits, wide hips, that long hair, and those sexy ass socks! I fuck her doggy style, to truly appreciate that awesome ass. I give it to her real good, putting her legs high in the air while I work it. She has big thick legs. BBW loving men know how hot that can be!

Of course to truly appreciate the whole vibe, I had to go bareback. How dare her prance in front of me and then have the audacity to expect me to wear a condom. Negative!

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