First Video for Young Teen, Condom Broke – PART 1

Run Time: 20:47

This is the first video for 18 year old teen, Tiffany Stroker. She made a video with her friend with benefits. She was sucking good and they were f**king good. When he noticed the condom was broke…..? You guessed it – he said fuck it, and started pounding her even harder, with very little disregard of whether he would get her pregnant or not!

When I met them, I thought for sure they had been fuck buddies for some time, or at least on a regular basis. But whether they were or not, they made sure to have a condom ready before they even poked the pussy with the BBC. This starts off with a surprisingly hot blowjob from this 18 year-old – I was like wtf! Its not often my cock gets hard watching the scenes I film (believe it or not), but watching her deepthroat his cock and giggling while she did it, I was like omfg! What a young sexy, dirty slut…I love it!

Once he started pounding her doggystyle, I knew that the fun had begun. And y’all know me, I was all up in the mix, slapping her, choking her little young ass, pulling her nipples, talking shit, and guess what? She was laughing and loving it! I was like wtf is going on here? How can such a young girl be such a hot slut???

After he was pounding it in all types of positions, I could clearly see that the condom had broken. I immediately had another one ready for him. As he pulled the broken one off, he acted like he didn’t even see my handing him a condom….and just stuck his cock back in her, and he was like, “Oooohhh, yea…..” And I was like, “Ooookaaay….”, and looking at Tiffany, who was throwing back her fat white booty back up against that mature BBC, and she seemed completely oblivious that he had stuck his cock back inside her without putting on another condom. Perverts and Pervettes, this is as raw as it gets.

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