Cougar Squirts and Kisses Her 19 Year Old Neighbor

Run Time: 8:19

My 19 year old neighbor said that she came over to say hi – but that just means that she only wants to see what kind of trouble she can get into. She knows that me and my chick are super kinky and are always getting into some kind of weird sexscapades. We did her about a year before and we already knew that her little kitty was purring for a round 2! We wanted to do her bad, too, but we wanted her to wait, thinking that we didn’t really care. She got my girl to lay in my undies with her while they watched some XXX videos that they had made. She kept asking my girl to kiss her, sooo….they kissed a little…a few times.

Of course I wasn’t about to be left out of the action, so I came in to rub on their asses. Between them kissing and watching them play in each others hair and playing with their asses and pussies, I thought i deserved someone squirting for all my efforts….so I made sure Queen Pin wet up the comforter with her hot women juices. Mmmm delicious!

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