Chubby Teen’s Very 1st Video

Run Time: 6:58

You read right. Introducing Myra Goldxxx. Why the “xxx” on the end? Myra doesn’t want you to think of her as the cute girl next door, that’s doing porn in the closet. She wants you to think of her as the bitch that will rock your world.

She’s a punk chick with all types of tattoos, including ones on each side of her head, covered by her short hair. She tells a story of a school friend who made her start liking girls; she is bi now, and very proud of it. She has had relationships with boys and girls, men and women.

Myra wants to be a webcam model, but wanted to see how she did with the videos first. At the young age of 18, she has already been a stripper – you can tell….she knows how to work it. You gotta love a thick sexy woman who isn’t afraid of her size. And Myra’s tiny tits make her the entire amateur package deal – A real woman with her own real curves, that’s freaky as hell!

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