Chubby Teen Huge Dildos and Anal

Run Time: 9:39

Exhibitionist teens – gotta love em. Myra Goldxxx has her own style. Tatted and free living, she pleasures herself wherever she wants, whenever she wants, with whatever she wants. I was lucky enough to capture some of that action one day.

I thought it would be nice of me to already have 2 huge dildos for her to choose from. But wouldn’t you know it – the first thing she wanted to do was finger her asshole. Well, now who was I to argue with that?! If you have never seen the sheer look of pleasure on a woman’s face when she is pleasuring her own asshole (and not an actress), you haven’t witnessed pure amateur xxx. As you will see, I had to stop her from fingering her asshole – just so she fuck her fat bald pussy with a dildo, of her choosing.

The look on Myra’s face while she fucked herself with that thick white cock, and squeezed her tits and nipples, was enough to get me off twice. This is the real deal guys. Why? Because she has never been filmed before. No one has ever seen her. You are the first. Collectors, this chick is going places. Get your first video(s) of Myra here! Plus she loves anal, so you have that, too.

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