Chubby Teen does Naked Yoga

Run Time: 6:37

What can be better than some boring ass yoga? Some cool “Nude Yoga with Myra Goldxxx”. Myra is an exhibitionist, as you will see. She’s a chubby 18 year old who loves to show off all her curves….in all types of flexible positions.

Hey, I ain’t gonna lie – I don’t know shit about yoga. But I know all about watching some thick young white teens bouncing all over the place (college cheerleaders). On the contrary, however, Myra knows a lot about yoga, and has actually studied it (in case you were wondering if she could suck your cock while bending over backwards…..why, yes…..yes, she can). She can not only bend over backwards for you, she can do it with her little fat bald pussy, with the little clit piercing, facing the camera, and with me all up in that delicious little snatch.

If you’re like me, you will probably look at this vid as an excellent source of material for masturbating. But if you really like yoga, then you are in luck, big time. Because Myra takes this yoga seriously – PLUS she has a great chubby ass. 2 for 1 brother. 2 for 1.

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