Chubby Big Butt Teen Flashes Butt Plug

Run Time 10:25

Behind the Scenes with big butt, tattooed, chubby 19 year old Myra Gold. She is a BBW teen with small tits and long perky nipples, and a big ole chubby girl butt; and man does she like to bend over and show it to you!

In the hotel room, she does some impromptu playing with her fat bald pussy. Sometimes I feel she was made to bend over and put a smile on people’s faces. She’s joined by Queen Pin and her boy toy, Chicago, as they walk around the hotel – while Myra stops at several places in the hotel, to pull down her shorts, spread her cheeks, and show us that big fat shiny butt plug.

Every time she pulls her shorts up from flashing us, we all continue to walk through the hotel. It is completely obvious that with the exception of Myra seeing how far up her ass she can pull her shorts, she has absolutely no problem or issues walking around with that chunky butt plug lodged in her tight asshole.

Myra is a super freaky young chick. You don’t find too many nymphos like her. But don’t take my word for it. See for yourself…..

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