Cheating Wife Hires Male Escort – Part 1

Run Time: 23:54

Executive Wife, Dallas, decides to hire a male escort to get her through the time-consuming process of having to cruise the streets for hot boys. She plans to meet him in a public place and act like they don’t know one another.

She gets a hotel room in a fancy hotel and tells him to meet her by the elevator. By the time they get off the elevator, they begin acting like the best of friends, if you know what I mean. They begin chatting and laughing it up like the best of friends. Soon they get a little cozy and begin kissing on the hotel balcony, not caring who sees them. Its not a big deal to kiss, but they were grabbing each others private parts and boobs right there in the open for anyone to see! Excellent reality porn!

From there, they take it to the bedroom, but not before you get another look at Hunny Bunz thick, delicious ass walking down the hall, with all her mature woman curves! Once in the bedroom, her escort does exactly what he’s paid to do – take control. He gets real comfortable with her as he eats her pussy from the front, back, and she rides his face while twisting his nipples. Kinky! He shoves his thick ginger cock in her mouth however he pleases – and she loves every bit of it. Be sure to check out Part 2 where he pounds the hell out of her every which way, and cums down her throat and she spits it back up! Also, this buff stud picks up this plumb BBW Cougar with no problem, for an upside down 69!

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