Butch Lesbian Worker Makes Customer Squirt on Floor

Run Time 25:21

This video includes ANGLE 1, ANGLE 2, Behind the Scenes, and Bloopers.

The butch lesbian furniture mover comes to the house to help move the furniture. She is supposed to be getting help from the man of the house.

Suzy Q. explains to her that she hasn’t been able to get him out of his room all day, so she can’t guarantee that he will do any anything. Suzy Q tells her that maybe there is a way she can work out the frustration of the lesbian furniture mover, now that she realizes she will be doing all the work herself.

That was all the Black lesbian worker had to hear. After the invitation, the butch lesbian takes over the kitchen, making Suzy squirt all over the floor! A must-see for lesbian domination lovers!

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