Blackmail My Teen Babysitter

Run Time: 7:28

Nice guys finish last…most of the time. At least from my experiences. Sometimes in order to get what you want, you have to do things that you wouldn’t normally do. You have to say things that you wouldn’t normally say. You have to take the chance of getting busted.

I took a chance one time. My Babysitter had barely turned 18, but she was dressing like a television celebrity star. I did some snooping and found out through my daughter that she and a friend ripped off an entire truck pallet of Ugg Boots. I confronted her, and promised to tell her parents….unless we could work something out. Funny how people will do anything when their backs are against the wall.

I wasn’t worried about getting caught, because she was in college and of legal age, but I still didn’t want anyone to know – especially not my wife! So asking her for a blow job wasn’t enough….I had to humiliate her so she would be embarrassed to tell anyone! So I instructed and commanded her to give me a slippery, sloppy, spitty blowjob – and make sure AAAAALLL the drool gets on her new Ugg Boots! She was so scared of my telling her parents that she followed my every command! Innocence….you gotta love it.

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