Black Man Eats Hairy Pussies of White Cuckold Wives

Run Time 18:42

What does a Black do when faced with the 2 White Cuckold Wives with Hairy Pussies? He has no choice but to go down on both of them like a lawnmower on steroids!

This video starts out with the 3 of them, a Black Man and 2 White wives, dancing and having a good time – while both of their husbands stood on the side watching all the action. One even helping to record. All 3 of them grind on one another, kiss, groping tits, its all just a helluva fun time; and it was just getting started.

The Black man understood completely, that when a man brings his wife over to you, its a 3-way win: the husband gets satisfied watching his wife enjoy herself, and go back home to him happy and fulfilled; the lucky guy getting laid is for sure having a good time AND he even go pussy “brought- over to his house; but the third, last, and main thing is that THE WIFE gets satisfied – without that happening, the whole night was generally a waste of time. So in other words, the Bull had TWO cuckold wives in front of him, wanting to get taken care of, needing to be taken care of.

Most guys brag about their dick-game, telling a woman something about your cock that she has heard a thousand times. Women tell me that its rare that a black man will brag about eating pussy, so the Bull thought he would try to go that route. The only thing is, if you talk shit – ya gotta back it up. So he went down on both of us, one after another. Both of us had hairy pussies, mine more hairier than hers. Just how the Bull liked em. Mmmmmm…..A hairy pussy lovers dream!

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