Black Bulls DP Young White Anal Wife

Run Time: 12:46

Young, White wife, Alessandra is in her comfort zone getting split-roasted, DP’d, and anal-fucked for her husbands amusement. She’s no stranger to the swinger lifestyle, its just surprising that she started so young (but were not complaining hee hee).

Alessandra starts off giving divine blowjobs, while getting fucked with a long, thick dildo. She quickly voices her disapproval of that fake cock and lets her older bulls know that I want the real! That’s all she had to say. From there on out, its the fill-er-up game!

These men take this young girls asshole to the woodshed! You can immediately hear her whining as she rides the first 10-inch cock in her pussy, while preparing to have the other BBC stuffed into her tight, little asshole. She whines, winces, and complains about the pain but the guys aren’t hearing that, and they give it to her good and hard, in her ass and pussy, over and over again: hard, deep, fast! They even have to keep covering up her mouth from all the screaming and moaning.

They make sure that she is properly double-penetrated, as they DP fuck her in the cowgirl position THEN the reverse cowgirl position! This little while slut loves it. But don’t take my word for it she calls herself a Little While Slut! Must see, fellas!

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