Bipolar Smoking Sex with Queen Pin – Pt 2

Run Time: 28:05

What can be better than watching porn with your women while she sucks your cock, lets you fuck her, and play with both of her holes….all while enjoying and commenting on the porn with you? Its a great feeling to know that you don’t have to hide from your partner, but can actually share in the fantasy and experience. Yummy!

This is the second part of “Bipolar Smoking Sex with Queen Pin Part 1”. I have to be honest and say that I couldn’t really tell you which one is nastier or will get you off quicker – I’m just pretty fricken confident that both of them will.

In this follow up video, we watch porn together. I love to comment on the porn that I watch – but I make the comments in my head, to myself. One thing about Queen Pin, she says what she’s thinking, right then and there. She makes way more comment than I do, and hers are way hotter, too. You can tell what she gets off to when she’s alone.

But mainly you can see her direct face reactions from being forced to squirt over and over again. You can hear her direct moans of pleasure and ecstasy. Sometimes its like she’s a different person the way she ranges in emotions while cumming and being played with.

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