Bipolar Smoking Sex with Queen Pin – Pt 1

Run Time: 29:04

Have you ever had sex with someone and they seemed like a different person once you started getting it on? Sometimes I think Queen Pin is possessed when she smokes and has sex at the same time. In this video, you get to see a full transformation from a laid back, smiling, relaxed woman – to a rambling, laughing, talking-in-tongues, sex-crazed, making crazy faces from sex MILF!

She keeps commenting that her bulls cock is extra long today, for some reason. This only makes her want to suck on it that much more. She sucks, licks, strokes, all while smoking, and talking to you…..the viewer…..the voyeur. Its all good, though….she loves it!

This is a real woman, squirting real hard, making hard sex faces, making hard sex noises, going from one extreme to the next. No high paid actresses making it “look good on film” – this woman is sex-hungry and squirts like a damn fountain. It also helps that she has a huge 66- ASS and size DD tits! 😀

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