Big Butt Mature Wife Satisfies Hotel Stalker – Part 1

Run Time: 35:56

Ever had that strange feeling that someone was watching or following you? Maybe it was at the grocery store, or at the pharmacy. Our good friend, Dallas, experienced that same scenario at a hotel on her last visit to see her family. But she took advantage of it!

Dallas went on a family vacation – alone. Her husband is always too busy for her. So she did what she always did – went out of town alone. But this time she was not alone. She had a new friend….a stalker. At first she did not notice him following her around the hotel, but in the end, he wanted it to be obvious that she was turning him on.

Surprisingly, he takes a chance and knocks on her door, and sure enough, she wanted it just as bad as he did. She takes advantage of her new luck in the form of a stranger. It is hard to tell who is more turned on by all the chemistry in the air – her or him!

They waste little time in getting it on: cock-sucking, pussy eating, deep-throating, ass worship! She can tell that he has a true appreciation for her mature, thick booty. And she does not try to hide the fact that she notices. These 2 cannot keep their hands off one another once they get started!

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