Big Butt Cuckold Wife Window Play – ANGLE 2

ANGLE 2 – Run Time 17:44

Big butt hot cuckold wife, Gracie Playground, came to the hotel to give us a show….as well as the rest of the world! With both of the hotel suite picture window curtains wide open at 6pm on a beautiful Saturday afternoon in May, Gracie gave an Oscar-worthy performance for anyone who might have been watching. Especially the person at the beginning of the video that wrecked their car right outside of our window…but we couldn’t tell if it was because of us…or not.

The video starts off with Gracie on her knees, like a good cuckold wife is supposed to be when she is about to worship another man’s cock right in front of her husband. She wears this completely sexy 1-piece fishnet outfit with a slit right down the middle, so her ass, pussy, and butt crack can be in full perfect view! While on her knees, she gives an awesome blowjob…again, with the 6-feet tall window blinds wide open! Immediately, as explained before, when she began the blowjob, there was a car crash. Coincidence…?

We did the 69-position both backwards and forwards. In the backwards position, you could see her ass and pussy being eaten and see her ride my face like a sex toy. In the forwards position, you can see her giving me an awesome jerk-worthy blowjob!

Fuck Time! Right in the view of anyone who cared to look, I boned the hell out of Gracie, letting her and the people in the next room know that we were past the point of no return. Gracie Playground has been dodging me since January for a reshoot – because why was I after her so hard to shoot again??? Because OMG…the pussy is sooo good!

In the end, I fucked her on her back missionary with one of my legs on the bed, getting some real good positioning. This woman loves to grab her ankles and pull them up to her face, like a pretzel, when she’s getting fucked. If you want a video with all the sexiness and realness of a next-door-wife swinger, she is as real as it gets. Enjoy, my friends.

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