Big Booty Mom Screams Taking 13 Inch BBC – ANGLE 1

Run Time 16:48

Big Booty mom in lingerie takes her Black studs BBC hard and deep (and I don’t throw around those words like most porn descriptions). I mean this motherfucker was pounding her with that huge cock so deep I was almost going to ask him to stop, listening to how she was screaming and wincing!

In the beginning, you can see her not daughter helping to relax the mood by massaging her moms bull on the chest and his head. She wishes she could join, but this time, she’s on the side, watching her mother take on that huge Black cock like a true late-night BBC cock whore!

First mommy sucks it, so you can see how long and thick it is. Stroking it, she can barely fit her fingers around it. Mommy first rides it cowgirl, letting you see her full, thick, meaty ass riding that huge monster. She takes the whole thing like a mature pro is supposed to, up and down, all the way up her hungry snatch. Then she takes it from behind. You can tell she loves it, its all she can do to keep from having a constant orgasm. He gives it to her fast, slow, long, and deep, again and again.

Finally, she lays on her back and this is where it gets ugly. He starts fucking her and he gets deeper and deeper, even lifting her legs up to accommodate his horse cock into her destroyed pussy. As he does it, you can clearly hear her keep saying, Ok…..Ok. But he would only get harder and deeper and faster. Before I got a chance to tell him YO don’t kill the bitch!, she pushed him out of her – after she gave a last shriek. I was like…yesss! If you like to see older white women getting manhandled by BBC, here ya go.

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