Aunt watches Niece Fuck Black Man for Cash

Run Time 20:00

So, this model that called herself “Tia Starr” shows up to the video shoot with her not aunt. As I let them in, I thought to myself, “Fuck Yea! I’m about to fuck both of these bitches!” Nope.

The first thing that came out of Aunt’s mouth was “How long will this video shoot take?” I was like, “Fuck… we go.” The Aunt gave her authorization to be in the video – but wouldn’t have sex with me. I was like……COOL! So we got that video shoot crackin.

After talking her not aunt into not walking home, Tia immediately went to town on my cock, making it hard in no time! After my cock was good and hard, I got her on the bed; she jumped immediately into the doggystyle position – which was totally awesome! I had to admit, she had a monster muffin top, but when she bent over, OMG! Her ass was amazing! I went to town on her from behind, then I pounded her real good missionary style. She was so into it, the entire time you can see her rubbing her own tits and nipples. Now THAT is what gets a brotha’s dick hard af right there, watching a woman pleasuring herself while you pound her out! So hot.

I had to see that ass again before I busted that nut on her face, so I had her get on her knees and give me some more of that awesome head. Again, my cock became immediately rock hard and when I was ready to explode, I came HARD! It sprayed everywhere! Me and her had a great time. And her not not niece was sitting there speechless, watching this entire thing play out. Her first time being a voyeur. Nice.

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