Ass Eating Cuck Wife Made To Call Hubby and Fucked

Run Time: 23:34

Sometimes I ask myself, “How weird can a porn video get?” But low and behold, there never seems to be a shortage of ideas for a porn video. Such is the case here, where you have another wife calling her husband on the phone while she’s with some bull. But wait – this one is different! THIS time we have a wife calling her cuckold husband – not so she could continue doing what she was doing without him knowing what was going on, but so she could have him on the phone with her AND ME while I dominated her! MUST SEE (to believe)!

This video starts off with a visit from a regular wife that her husband pays me to screw her. This particular time I had not heard from the husband like I normally do. When she started getting all relaxed and wanted to suck my cock, I first asked if her husband knew that she was over. When she told me no, I put a halt to the entire video. I told her to call him immediately and let him know what was going on. Husbands need to know when their wives are being satisfied outside of the home. Especially if there is a chance they could come back home with cum running down their thighs.

While she had him on speaker phone, I didn’t hold back. I called her names, she called herself names. Hell, she was talking more shit than I was, I was like f**k yea, I loved it. After dominating her, making her eat my ass, and fucking real good, her hubby seemed to be happy that his wife was getting what he couldn’t give to her. And isn’t that what life is all about? Giving….to someone else’s wife.

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