Amazon Cougar Phisted, Fucked, & Squirts

Run Time 31:46

This is the video where Lola lets everyone know that she wasnt the quiet lady we thought she was. I have to admit…she had me fooled. Once she got the cock, she wanted the cock. Period. And she had her special monogrammed necklace on to make sure we all knew it. It said plain and simple, “BBC-.

Lola is a tall glass of water: evenly tanned, huge natural DD tits, a cute face and smile, long hair, a sweet tight asshole, a deep wet cunt that squirts like a leaky faucet, and an appetite and craving for constant BBC. If you are a fan of long sexy longs and 7-inch Fuck-Me-Pumps, then Lola is your kind of gal.

This video starts off with her being positioned in the doggystyle position. From here, she is fingered, gaped huge, fisted (with almost no lube), and fucked. Fucked on the bottom, fucked on the top, fucked on her side, fucked with her legs wide open – and with her legs closed!

She squirts quite a bit in this video: while riding and getting long BBC pumped up her quivering snatch, on the floor after being fucked doggystyle, and while in the missionary position with her pussy being stretched long ways like I was trying to break a cucumber in half from the sides of her pussy! I cant make this stuff up, guys. Good shit right here! 31 minutes of wackoff gold!

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