Hotel Manager Visits My Room

Run Time: 12:30

Vanessa is a hotel manager of a hotel I was staying in. She’s definitely a professional on the streets – and a straight up anal-loving freak in the sheets. With just the right amount of small talk at the registration desk, I was able to get a few devious looks from her. As her shift was coming to an end that night, I made sure to follow directions (from her) and called the front desk to mention that there was a problem with my bill…and also my television.

This gave her the reason to come to my room. Once she got there, it took all of 5 minutes for her to get fully undressed and be on the bed in the doggystyle position. Realizing that she had very little time, I was right behind her, with all of my clothes off, faster than you can say “strange pussy” (that’s fast!).

I spread her kitty-kat to slide my hard cock inside, working it hard and fast, long and deep. Then I turn her over on her back, to allow easier access for her to rub that wet, swollen clit, and easier access for me to grab and squeeze those huge tits omg! Of course, then I had to get her back on her hands and knees for long, slippery, deep anal. It was all she could do but keep thrusting her ass back to receive all of my BBC. That was one of the luckiest nights I’ve had in a long time!

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