Blindfolded Teen Predicts Bulls Cumshot to the Second

Run Time: 6:02

You can put 10 girls in front of the camera and one of them will stand out as performer more than the rest….guaranteed. Alessandra is that girl. A petite, brunette, 18-year old nymphomaniac (in every sense of the word).

Alessandra is a teen that hangs around, wanting to be in the company of older men. Older black men. We all knew what she was doing, but played it cool. No one really wanted to make a move on her because she barely turned 18 years old a month prior. But one of my dudes was in town from Houston; those guys have a different way of thinking. He IMMEDIATELY started hitting on her. She was all over it like a Vegas hooker on a Benjamin. Next thing you know, she excused herself to my guest bedroom – and he was right behind her. I was like wtf!? Hell Yea! Busted out the camera, and what you have here is the result of said beast-mode boning.

But that’s not the best part. The best part comes at the end when he finally pulls out, busts a huge (loud) nut on her face (while she winces, writhes, and moans in ecstasy) and then she couldn’t catch her breath. He literally fucked the breath out of her. Never saw shit like that. Can’t make this stuff up brother.

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