Chubby Cougar Used and Fucked

Run Time: 30:00

Jade is a horny cougar that lives down the street. She walks her dog past my house every day, making up pointless conversations. She knows that I have a woman but doesn’t care. Little does she know that my woman let’s me fuck whoever I want – as long as I record it. Sometimes I have to pinch myself to see if I’m dreaming!

Jade came by this one hot summer day with her shorts up her ass and her snatch, making up some goofy ass conversation about nothing. I told her I was making breakfast (yea, right) and to come in before I burned something.

OMG her toy poodle was whining the whole time outside the door. To drown out the noise, I made some whining sounds of my own as I got a long, deserved deepthroat blowjob, while smoking a fatty. How cool was that? 😀

After the fatty was gone, sharing it with Jade, it was time to get busy. I fucked her doggystyle, on top of her, legs all in the air, her rubbing all over me. It was some good strange neighborhood kitty kat. I’d highly recommend getting some strange every now and then.

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