Unsuccessful Double Penetration Attempt

Run Time: 10:31

Double Penetration can be a very hot thing. It can also get a little frustrating. Watch as my teen Babysitter tries her hardest to be used as a gangbang cum bucket. Although reluctantly, My Babysitter has mentioned to me on several occasions that she wanted to try both of her holes being filled up. What kind of employer would I be if I didn’t at least consider doing this for her (heehee)?

This hot young thing is just like my fans want: white, young, thick, big butt, wide hips, big fluffy young tits, excellent deepthroat skills. SO??? What can be the problem? Just like some of the greatest sports teams in history, sometimes all the plays don’t go as planned.

This particular time, my homie and I couldn’t get our muscle cars working on all (of the same) cylinders. In other words, we didn’t seem to be working on the same team that night. But it didn’t stop My Babysitter from doing all she could to get those cocks up inside her simultaneously. She was sucking cock, spreading her ass, positioning herself (cowgirl, reverse-cowgirl), the whole 9.

It wasn’t my best video production. HOWEVER…..there is something to be said about a “real” woman – not an actress – who is literally and ‘actually’ in sexual heat and frustration! So much so, that you can watch her do all she can to get fucked like a banshee.

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