2 Cougars Squirting Hard for Bulls

Run Time: 32:23

Ever wanted to see some raw sexual chemistry of anonymous strangers? Directions: 1. Get together 2 male and 2 female veteran swingers that have never met each other. 2. Give them all masks. 3. Tell them to go at it. 4. Turn on camera.

I’ve done this several times and have gotten some excellent footage…but never like this. Like many men (and many women), I used to think that ‘real squirting’ was a myth. These 2 women will prove anyone wrong, as they take turns drenching my bulls faces, as well as my studio floor and couch.

But these cougars are only returning favors. They both gave world class blowjobs before they were spun around to be eaten out with long hungry bull tongues. Real women. No script. No acting.

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